Caring Haven

Educate. Advocate. Support.

Educate: We strive to provide the best training for our staff and parents with our Caregiver Support Group and our new Sibling Support Group that is currently a work in progress.

Advocate: Caring Haven promotes awareness. We advocate for the best life possible for all individuals with disabilities and their families. We believe that the most important notion in disability is "ability".

Support: Caring Haven provides a Caregiver Support Group and a Sibling Support Group is also a work in progress. During our meetings, we will provide you with resources and materials to help you better understand what your child goes through while providing a shoulder to lean on.


Yvonne Robinson started working with individuals with disabilities when she became a bus aide for the Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities in the mid 1990’s. She worked at a woman’s group home and Meals on Wheels, providing food to senior citizens at an economic disadvantage while obtaining her CDL to become a bus driver for Ida Sue School/Nick Amster workshop. Yvonne’s son was diagnosed ...with Autism as a toddler and so she began her mission to improve the quality of life for all individuals with disabilities ranging from mild to intensive. Yvonne became the manager of one group home in the late 1990’s and eventually was promoted to manage both homes under that title. After a few years, Yvonne put forth the motions to open another group home, ultimately managing three group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. She became certified to provide respite care for individuals in and outside of the homes. Each home surrounded with the warmth, love, care, smiles, and heartfelt experiences everyone has when they walk into their own home, every day. Yvonne is certified to teach First Aid/CPR and volunteers at the Wayne County Fair every year. She regularly attends seminars, trainings, and meetings for professional development and to always stay up to date with new information in the exceptionalities field. Yvonne always had a dream of starting her own business, on her own terms, with her own values paving the way to improve the quality of life for all individuals with disabilities.
Her daughter, Kady Jenkins, attended The University of Akron to study to become an Intervention Specialist paraprofessional in the moderate/intensive category. She also discovered that her mission in life was to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities when she learned of her brother’s diagnosis as a child and became a focal point in the movement for tolerance, acceptance, and compassion for all individuals all throughout her academic career. Kady has always found inspiration in her mother’s determination to fight for any cause. She found the true meaning of a warm smile and a full heart as she watched her mother love and enjoy doing what she does for many years. Yvonne found another soul who loves to watch the growth and improvement of another’s life, and she found that in her daughter; taking her under her wing to promote the healthiest business, personal, and social relationship a mother and daughter could ever share.
Caring Haven is no longer a dream, it’s become a reality.
“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.”



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